• One 10 x 10” Octagonal sign as shown • Included: Six window decals 4”W  X  2” H • 30” aluminum u-channel mount w/cap • Limited Supply - immediate shipping • Free USPS Priority Mail Delivery Sign Measures 10" x 10"  Made Of Hard Plastic  In the familiar security-wise  Octagon Shape The Sign Is Fastened to a 30" Aluminum u-Channel Post Six Security Stickers Measure  a standard 4” W x 2” H


Over two million homes use these types of signs and stickers to help deter home thefts. While there is no substitute for a state-of-the-art electronic security system, they can be costly and usually have monthly fees to pay.  ALMOST ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING! A less effective but lower cost alternative is to use security displays.  In some cases they can be enough to deter crimes, but there are no guarantees.  Over two million homes display various security signs  as crime deterrents- and unless you tell, most people  will not know if yours is  active or not!

+ AWT WEB WIRELESS Yard Sign Home Security Kit
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